Yogi the Deaf Boxer 1 year old.

11539604_1594631367484513_2210411117732238552_n  Yogi  3 months old
Yes  I still have her..  The guy in the picture is her first owner.  We went to visit him and Yogi remember him..  The last time he saw her was when she was 3 months old.  He was so impressed of how yogi can understand sign languages.
12509357_701303606639927_6807207660689070075_n    Yogi ..  One year old..

15 thoughts on “Yogi the Deaf Boxer 1 year old.

    1. He did but he saw that Yogi made sure that I didnt leave her there.. lol as i was walking to my car yogi ran to my car and got in..
      Yogi is very attached to me the dog trainer said it was difficult to train her as she constantly looking for me .. she sits by the door waiting for me to come get her..

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  1. We had a white boxer, but unlike most it could hear. He looked a lot like Yogi. He was a great dog! Our current boxer looks a lot like the brindle one behind Yogi in the one picture. I am not surprised Yogi understands sign – we use hand signals with our boxers and they get them,Yogi is stretching it farther to communicate better.

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