There was a

meeting in the community room at the place where I live. It was about the temporary relocation plan for us residents while the building’s being renovated. It starts on no later than July 1st and it will take almost a year for it to be done. After the renovations, residents either come back into the same units or not. They will help pay for the deposits, the move, provide boxes for packing, pay the difference in rent and several more.

One thing wrong.

New rules after the renovation,

Hell yes I smoke! So if you don’t hear from me,

I’m not dead,

I’ll be busy packing up my junk and looking for a different place to live.



13 thoughts on “There was a

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  2. You are right, but I also wish you would think of that smoking thing. Not for any one else say so, not for anyone else’s sake, just for your health’s sake. But that’s just me thinking. I want you to stay alive 🙂
    Please don’t get angry at me. I think you should do what you want. Not what anyone else says or want. I hope you find a nicer new place. A Thumpup playground i r l!

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    1. vanbytheriver,
      You know what they did to me? I found a place on line. I gave them my application for that place. What they were supposed to do is to fax the letter along side my application explaining about the renovation. Come to find out they never faxed the letter instead they told the other resident about the available apt I found and they faxed the letter with the other resident’s application and they got the apartment which should have gone to me! I am positively seething.

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        1. They better get one exactly like the one I found. They lied to me about one of the apt, I questioned if it’s good place, they said yes. I googled and heck no!
          Then guess what? 3 applications I filled out. They only send one. Guess where? That yucky one!


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