A modern American

#nonono #cat Animated GIF cockroach stands atop the 300 million years old 3.. 5-inch cockroach fossil found at a coal mine in northeastern> Ohio.

Image having this huge things in the house!


21 thoughts on “A modern American

  1. If you want to see big roaches, the palmetto bugs in Florida are pretty hefty; I saw some almost two inches long… Size is important to survival, especially when, like with roaches, it is combined with a body designed to withstand just about ANY environment on the planet you can find, from the hottest to the coldest, from the most pleasant to the harshest there is. They have not had to evolve significantly for all those 3 million years, except to get bigger, or smaller, as times necessitated them to change. Resistant to radiation, and can withstand many, many gravities…Personally, in Florida, I caught one on my kitchen floor, and gave it a big whack with a sauce pan. The little bugger, bounced once, and ran off laughing at me…

    They are the true masters of survival, and will be here long after we’re gone…


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