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You got: You have a naturally creative mind

You have a unique ability to make connections that other people don’t immediately see. This means you’re probably very good at wordplay and quick to see the beauty in things, and you have an innate artistic temperament.

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4 thoughts on “This

  1. Here’s me!

    You got: You are extremely strategic and analytical

    Your logical outlook on life makes you an incredible problem solver. While other people tend to get emotional in difficult situations, you have an ability to take a step back and figure out the best course of action. People don’t always take your advice, but they probably should.

    I’m not surprised, LOL!

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  2. Me…
    You got: You have natural leadership qualities, even though you’re not an extrovert
    Even though you don’t necessarily love being the center of attention, you have an ability to take charge and get a group to do something when called upon to do so. You don’t always seek a leadership role — preferring to exert influence in obscurity — but you’re extremely effective when given responsibilities.

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