My biggest fear !!

How can anyone do this to an old person??


26 thoughts on “My biggest fear !!

  1. It’s very sad how life can turn on a dime
    When you lose your person and become a victim
    I’m laying in the hospital
    And the nurse is acting like I’m not suppose to be here
    Like I’m taking up her time
    And I should be somewhere else
    I’m not suppose to have water
    She gave me a whole cup
    It’s sad when your defenseless and waiting for the Dr to come

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  2. Hitting “like” feels wrong for the video…I couldn’t watch the end of it…my heart aches for the elderly…I worked in geriatric for over 35 years….they are so many people who abuse the elderly in so many ways….I can get on a rant here very easy..thanks for bringing elder abuse to the front…I hope that bitch got what she deserved…..kat.


          1. Yea, it is incredibly sad that some people are so heartless and think they can get away with anything. I am glad there was a camera on this woman! I hope she gets sent to a prison and that the prisoners also see the video.

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    1. No, I just looked at it again, I think that is a folding chair, not a child carrier.. I am using a small tablet. But oh my God. That poor woman. And the little dog, watching that horror, then sadly walking out of the room. Horrifying.

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      1. it upsets me sooo much.. the old lady is sitting there doing nothing.. Nanny just kept hitting her and ohhhhh… I wish i didnt see the video.. But it made me more aware of things like this do happens.. Geeez. Broke my heart really..

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        1. When I was a young teenager in the late 1960s, I had a nervous breakdown after living through some horrific childhood traumas. My abusive parents put me in a state insane asylum. I was there almost two years. I witnessed things like this, first hand. No one ever believed the “crazy” people, back in those days. Seeing this was a painful reminder. But I am glad we have the technology now to expose horrors like this.

          When I was in my early forties, I worked as a nurse aide on an Alzheimer’s ward. These poor people really are as helpless and dependent as children. I do not understand this evil. It’s like that younger woman isn’t even human.

          I am glad at least that my aging eyes were wrong when I thought there was an infant seat in front of the sofa. I hadn’t enlarged the video the first time I watched it, and my tablet is only 8″. I guess I need a bigger one.

          This is what helps me, Buddha9, when I see or read something like this: I remind myself that yes, evil is real, but so are goodness, mercy, and love. The Good is much more powerful than the evil. If it were not so, humankind would have obliterated themselves long ago.

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