That’s me!



13 thoughts on “Yup!

  1. You know, the application of even a light slipper to the wee beastie, while crawling along your floor, will generally turn them into mush, which is easily wiped off the slipper on some grass, or dirt….

    After all, you do outweigh the poor thing by a factor of about 20,000 to 1….

    Alternately, a Siamese cat will usually let you know they’re there, by following it & playing with it….Then, you can capture it with a glass & paper, & set it outside…


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      1. Yes, you are; you just haven’t realized it yet..

        Knowledge is the key to conquering fears. Look up the wee beastie, and you’ll see, not only is it tiny, but, it doesn’t even WANT anything from you, and it’s not at all aggressive, or poisonous (unless, of course, you managed somehow to come across an imported centipede from SA or Africa, where they do have some poisonous ones..). That particular bug isn’t particularly dangerous, I don’t believe, and, think about it, my lady. It’s kinda small to become too fretted about….

        If we learn about those things of which we are afraid, we find, every time, there is nothing to fear…but our own fear.



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      1. That’s my preferred method…. Just because I am one of the world’s best killing machines, doesn’t mean I have the right to kill whatever I wish… but, then, I’m a little different than most killing machines…



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