65 thoughts on “Thumbup and Buddha9 are deaf.

  1. I am glad that you two joined forces, lol! I didn’t know you were deaf, Thumbup…I live and breathe music (amongst tons of other great stuff!) to the point where it’s the signature on my blogs…so, a couple of things..one is, how can I help you hear those songs? Not many of them are signed…quite coincidentally, I have been learning to sign from a young woman on fb, who signs songs for the deaf…she’s not hearing impaired, it just part of what she does as a living I believe..so when I can, I’ll put her up..just depends on the song..she’s got a life besides signing on line,so this is limited…would it help if I used lyrics for same song underneath the song itself? Let me know. Katie.

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  2. I’m learning sign language, because I’ve always wanted to!

    Also, I’m a gamer who fights against the “TeamSpeak-only” guilds and communities online – it offends the hell out of me when they ASSume that deaf people can’t game, due to not hearing instructions! “Video games” are mainly that…visual! TeamSpeak is full of too much unnecessary chatter, and I get pissed off when those asshats say “you won’t use our voice-only thing? you must be a SPY!!!”

    I want to give them not only a Thumbup their collective asses, I want to plant my entire foot up there!

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    1. Oh we can feel by vibration.. Believe me.. Did you see deaf guy Nyle on Dancing with the Stars.?? He is complelety deaf and boy he can dance .. In fact I think he is going to be a winner.

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    2. They feel it. And they dance with it. It’s a different inspiration. There was a movie about Mr. Somethings Concerto with Richard Dreyfuss. (I have MS and remembering is my handicap, and looking like I’m drunk when I walk while tired.) Breaking through the challenges of life doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy challenges. Sorry B9, I kind of stepped on you here.

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      1. It was :Mr. Holland’s Opus”, just to help you out, not to be corrective…amazing movie…loved the way he taught his son about music because Cole was deaf..a wonderful discussion in communication between father and son that eventually brought them very close together.

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            1. Julian Lennon – Cole’s Song Lyrics
              I feel that the love around me
              Has come from another world
              I have lost love
              I have found love

              From the moment you were born
              I could see a new beginning
              Come to me, let me tell you how
              How I’ve lost love

              And now I’ve found love
              In a world of broken dreams
              I was wrong
              To deny your feelings

              And I’m sorry
              If I’ve caused you pain
              I was lost then
              So confused then

              And I believe that
              You would change that
              There are broken hearts we can mend
              Through the music we’ve learned to love again

              Through the sad notes
              Through the years
              There were times when I just couldn’t tell you
              And now we’ve come

              To an understanding
              And I’m sorry
              That it took so long
              I have lost love

              I have found love
              From the moment you were born
              I have lost you
              And now I’ve found you

              Let me feel your heart
              Let me hear your song

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  3. Reblogged this on Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    I found this post over at The playground. I hope you already know this and do as the people in the video says. Start with a Hello. I’m on both sides here as a half hearing half deaf person. Please leave comments in the original post too and not just here/Anna

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          1. Nice. 🙂

            Years ago I had a brilliant dog named Farley. He was an Otterhound, the rarest of the AKC breeds at that time. Farley was so super smart, he communicated with us using a type of sign language that he invented. That’s right, our dog trained us!

            We sometimes wondered if he was a superior alien being disguised as a big shaggy dog. I miss him. Farley is in heaven now. Dogs don’t live long enough, you know that? But he still lives in our hearts. ❤

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            1. what was the sign language he invented.. ? Interesting.. I have a white deaf boxer that understands sign language.. People are amazed when they watched me sign to Yogi and she responded.. I love her ,, S

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              1. How wonderful that your dog responds to signs. Aren’t dogs wonderful! Our fur baby now is a small standard poodle we found as a puppy two years ago. He was wandering on the highway, injured, skin and bone, covered with ticks. I couldn’t understand how anyone could abandon him. But he is our forever dog, now. I love him so much.

                Farley, our Otterhound, was an older dog we rescued when his owner died. He communicated with his eyes, mainly. My husband or I would say something to him or ask him a question and he would pointedly look at something, then back at us, then look at the something, and back at us, until we “got” what he was trying to say. Whatever he was looking at, it was the answer to our question or the response to what we had said.

                He also did things like jump up and give us a big full body hug when one of us would say something like “I am going to make a pot roast for dinner” or “I brought home a cake!” Once when it was my husband’s birthday, I sang Happy Birthday to him, then Farley, with a big expectant grin on his face, jumped up and looked on the table and on the counter tops and then pointedly looked back at us, like “Where’s the cake? I am not stupid, I know that cake goes with that song!” My husband hadn’t wanted cake that year, but because of Farley, I went out and bought one.

                He was the best dog. He loved to watch TV, especially Animal Planet. Once when I was playing the Blues station, Farley hung his head off the sofa like he was so depressed, totally getting into the music. I had to change it to a happy station. I miss that sweet boy.

                Sometimes we would call him Farles. He seemed to realtime that, he would hold his head up higher and prance like a show dog when we called him that. 🙂

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                1. awwwwwww… I love dogs so much.. I grieved soo hard for any dogs I had.. for days.. My father died and I didnt grieve as hard as I do to dogs.. Strange.. Mother died.. same thing .. Now that I have Yogi, i love her to death.. she is like my little child.

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                  1. Reading your comment makes me want to cry empathy tears. Have you seen the animated video about the similarities between God and dogs? I love that.

                    In March of last year, our Red Heeler Australian Cattle Dog, Lady, died unexpectedly in my arms. She had recently had her annual checkup and she seemed fine, although she was old. But, oh my God.. she lived with us, ate with us, slept with us, almost every minute for over eight years. She was our child. I grieved so hard. More than a year later, I still grieve.

                    About five minutes after she stopped breathing, I was sobbing and wailing and calling her name so loud… it seemed like she must have heard me, because she came back. She started kicking her legs and taking deep, shuddering, irregular breaths. I tried so hard to revive her, but she died again after about fifteen minutes. My heart shattered.

                    Thank heaven for our little poodle, Scrappy. He was licking Lady in the face as she died. He grieved too, crying every time he saw or heard another dog on our walks, for at least two weeks after that.

                    So sad. We need something to cheer us up after all of this. I have some humorous pictures of Lady and the Otterhound Farley on my old blog:

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                    1. Everytime the dog died , i said to myself ‘Never again will I get a dog” its too painful for me. but i go out get another dog. I learned that all dogs are special and im giving a dog a home. Yogi was a rescue..

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