In memory of Prince

80s kiss retro 1980s prince


65 thoughts on “In memory of Prince

      1. I am looking for What caused Prince died from “Mysterious” on Internet, Found that information that is came from Stupidity Jehovah Witness Religious..He will save his life if he not member of JW

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      1. Jehovah’s Witness caused Prince to BELIEVE, DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL to treat his body to save his soul…JW are the DUMBEST RELIGIOUS

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          1. If one has influenza seriously enough to pass away, they are admitted to ICU, intubated, on a ventilator etc etc for some time…then if extremely unlucky, combined with other serious co-morbidites, one MAY pass away. Usually the elderly and immunosuppressed. There is always more to it than simply ‘the flu’ . Guaranteed. Very sad.

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