Prince Song Are You?

You got: “Little Red Corvette”
Find out what’s yours> here

38 thoughts on “Which

    1. Anna? You see the time on the comment box with my comment for you? It says 1:14 pm? It’s not 1:14 pm here! Right now it’s 8:20 am. How do I fix it to the correct time?

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      1. On your comment in the notifications it says 7m ago at that would be 3:20 pm here, I think. I’m so stupid when it comes to pm and am! Can’t remember which is which!

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  1. In truth, I am not as familiar with Prince as with many other musician/artists, though I certainly always respected his genius. I took the quiz anyway, to see how it did with a newbie, rather than a real fan… I guess it’s better than it seems it would be, as it told me I was “When Doves Cry”, which has, as it happens, always been my favorite of the songs of his I DO know….


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