LOL! That’s what

my first thought was when I viewed the video!  

My profileMany people have a fear that when they drive over a bridge, they’ll end up in the water.
MailOnline US - news, sport, celebrity, science and health storiescalled it a: winding ‘drunk bridge’! Aptly named!
Found out from theThe Inquisitr  that: the road was originally supposed to be a railway line in the early 20th century, but was ultimately abandoned. * Trains on that? way! Good move having the idea scrapped! 
Nocarnofun said: If you are unlucky enough to actually fall into the ocean, be it by accident or choice.
* Choice?! People actually chose to fall in the ocean?! 
Kept at the comments made by you all at> Whoa!
D. Wallace PeachI’d be chicken to drive through that! * Same me you!
vanbytheriverYep. I’d prefer a little less ocean on my road.
Karina PinellaNothing like driving through mini-tsunamis every day. Good place to learn the meaning of hydroplaning
elementhealingThat’s pretty intense! * !
Anna: I think I stay at home instead  *  Me too! She got> inspired!
sonofabeach96That’s cool! That water looks reeaaalllly cold though. * I am not surprised his first thought was the water looks cold! He’s got a thing about the cold and the snow!
luckyotterYikes! I love “dangerous road” videos. If you have a chance, check out the Bolivian Road. OMG! * She said> This inspired me to post this.

saywhatumean2say wanted to know> How many people die on this road each year? dru. Could not find anything much except for> this.

Onethat I know of so far.


3 thoughts on “LOL! That’s what

  1. Very funny! That would be a bridge to cross now wouldn’t it? Thank you for reading the latest posts on holdingforthhisword. May Jesus abundantly bless you. Amen!


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