It was in Munich,

in 1992 <that researchers  began a huge project to investigate the contents of mummies. When as part of their studies, they wanted to test for drugs, it was no surprise that they turned to toxicologist Dr Svelta Balabanova for help.

Heard about the story
below several years ago and today I read this story above
Visitors were restricted from entering Kincaid’s Cave after the Grand Canyon National Park Act was finally signed by President Woodrow Wilson in> 1919


5 thoughts on “It was in Munich,

  1. Extremely interesting post, and articles. I find it ironic, as well as reprehensible, that this knowledge. of the Egyptian artifacts, and their presence in the Grand Canyon, is NOT taught in school, and, in fact, anywhere else, either. This is a complete change to what most believe to be history. Their presence in the Western Hemisphere, so long before Europe discovered it, changes everything our history is based upon… which isn’t surprising, really, for the winners always get to write what happened…

    It’s a pisser, in my mind, and I don’t get why it’s hidden…. Too bad there are so many mysteries in life; don’t have time to follow up on this one…. But, it does indicate our “leaders” have been lying to us much longer than we had thought, doesn’t it?….

    gigoid, the dubious

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    1. It was weird. I just happened to think about the stories I heard long ago about the Grand canyon and bingo here’s this news about them finding stuff on the mummies! Yeah. They are keeping a lot of secrets from us.

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