on television.


Lighting up was once considered acceptable behavior at the office, in elevators and other crowded public places.

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first aired, virtually everyone, including Johnny Carson, smoked on-camera.

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 Last cigarette commercial to air on network TV, broadcast right before midnight on January 1, 1971 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It features Veronica Hamel, who went on to star in Hill Street Blues.

Dean Martin does not approveBy the mid-80s, smoking openly on television was a thing of the past, but


> Johnny Carson‘s cigarette box remained on his desk until his final broadcast <



30 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. Acceptable behavior? When I was in high school, it was damn near required. Anyone who didn’t smoke (and i never could, somehow) was a social non-entity.

    Of course, I already was that so I didn’t lose anything. All told, I don’t regret either not smoking or being a social non-entity.

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  2. I remember every one of those commercials… I’m not going to think about what that means, other than to say, I’ve given up on TV (about nine years now…), but, I still smoke…

    SIGH…. Very good post. I might also add, the government, the AMA, and every seller of cigarettes has known they cause cancer in humans since, oh, about 1960. Their single response to that knowledge was to put a warning label on the packs, in letters much smaller than the name & ad claims. That’s it.

    But, then, those same people have known since 1972 that any form of cancer can be cured by medical marijuana, by consuming the essential oils. (The first time it was tested, the government, at Richard Nixon’s behest, paid for it, trying to make it seem worse than tobacco… they found out it cures damn near everything they tested it on…)

    Since that time, more than 40 million people, in this country alone, have died of cancer; none of them needed to die, as all the forms of cancer on which cannabis has been tested can be stopped, and reversed completely, even if at stage IV.

    In that same time, the cost of the treatments given by the AMA and Big Pharm, which kills at least half of those who take it, is numbered in the trillions, every year. Who pays that cost? The families of the victims, none of whom needed to die.

    Do we still believe the government or the doctors are looking out for our interests? I’m not sure about y’all, but, I must confess to being….

    gigoid, the dubious

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  3. I remember so many of those folks that you featured. I also remember seeing pregnant women on camera smoking…they resurrected that in Mad Men. My mother used to smoke when she wanted to lose weight…it was all the rage in the 1960’s. ☺ Cool post.

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  4. I deplore smoking and think it is one of man’s worst inventions….how did those Indians know to smoke the leaves BUT I LOVE smoking sets and have several (NOW) vintage sets. I keep them in the bedroom and bathroom and put my earrings and rings in them. Thanx for an informative and blast from the past post. dru

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