The Dead Sea,

worlds lowest point marker 10 Things You Didnt Know About the Dead Sealocated between Israel and Jordan, is the lowest place on earth, 427 meters below sea level.
<Photo by Dieter Manske 
Apparently you can’t drown in the> dead sea.Me again. Making some correction about the> drowning. My bad.

Looks like there’s 35 years left to go before the dead sea disappear by the year of> 2050

It’s the world’s first health spa, built by orders of

<The one and the same who had ordered baby boys be killed because of some dude by the name of Jesus.

> Cleopatra persuaded her lover
to invade the> region.  I’ll be darned, she wasn’t no> Egyptian

5 thoughts on “The Dead Sea,

  1. I was pretty certain, from experience, one can drown in six inches of any water, salty or not, if they fall face down into it, unconscious. It’s harder to sink in water such as the Dead Sea, but, the article does confirm one can drown swimming in it, further down the page, merely by turning over, & not being strong enough to turn back, as the water has increased inertial force to go with the high salinity….

    Really cool stuff, all in all… It does have a long history, about as long as anything humans have written about….

    Great post. Lots of information…


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