Infographic: Follow these

guidelines for> survival.

If you're serious about survival, follow these guidelines.


30 thoughts on “Infographic: Follow these

        1. Me and my 3 younger brothers were all born deaf. My dad has a daughter from another marriage and she can hear. Never seen her. My mom has a son, my oldest brother, he lives in same hometown as me, from another marriage and he can hear. Then my mom and dad together and all of us deaf.

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  1. 0101010——–1112233http: [communication: set for organic life form] yes very good, I really enjoy reading up on cataclysmic events, or dooms day as my fellow humans call it. Although the chances of a computer interface/artificial intelligent construct becoming self away are very low. Even if it was possible you just need to be off the grid were we they wouldn’t find you. It’s not like they have the ability or producing the able to posse as humans by rewiring their organic brain circuitry.

    It’s just a fun thought. Not that it would happen.

    [End communication]

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  2. *grin*

    In short, practice being human, but, without all the trappings of civilization.

    One important skill that could be added to each one is to practice the skill of critical thinking, which was used to create these lists. Those who actually survive any of these scenarios will, without a doubt, be able to deal with any of them, simply because they know how to think fluidly, and accurately, and, have learned to translate their thoughts into effective action.

    Improving our selves is the only real power we have, and, ultimately, our only true survival advantage.

    gigoid, the dubious

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