Telling you

about the situation I’m having.

By the way it’s the second post I made. The first one’s messed up. LOL! No using the word fcked up, eh? Anyway, here it is.

Email send to Bluffs Towers Relocation Coordinator Pat O’Dowd of Knudson Management Co. The first paragraph’s from Fair Housing’s email to Knudson Management Co copied and pasted along with my comment for Pat O’Dowd.

As of November 18, 2015, Ms. Welch has filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development stating that you and Knudson Management have violated the provisions of the Federal Fair Housing Law. You will be notified directly by HUD of these charges in writing.
Any negative actions taken against this tenant, especially actions that threaten her ability to retain her housing, could be viewed as retaliatory in nature and therefore result in additional charges being filed against you at the Federal, State and/or local level.
I am going to demand that additional charges should be filed against you at the Federal, State and/or local level since you took negative actions against me, especially actions that threaten my ability to retain my housing at North Avenue Towers.
What right did you have not to have faxed the
to North Avenue Towers landlord along side with my application for North Avenue Towers?
The one not on the list of
The available apartment at North Avenue Towers was found by me after my hard work searching for a place on line.
What right did you have to have lied to me?
By excluding the fact that you never have had faxed the
along side my application for the North Avenue Towers given to me by the landlord at the North Avenue Towers which had ended up on a waiting list.
What right did you have denying me housing at North Avenue Towers? While you faxed the second application ( informed to the resident by you after you faxed my application to North Avenue Towers with out the IMPORTANT LETTER ) filled out by the resident who had a studio apartment here at Bluffs Towers was faxed to the landlord at North Avenue Apartment along side with the
included and the resident got the apartment which would have gone to me if only you have had faxed the

for North Avenue Towers. And the rules states that resident here who has a studio apt gets a studio apt too at different location and here this resident got a one bedroom and over the rent limit? This North Towers Apartment should have been mine but you sabotaged it for me by refusing to fax the

The important letter I was talking about is this:

(Resident’s name) is a resident at Bluffs Towers Apartments and must relocate from the property no later than July 1st, 2016.
This resident is applying for an apartment at your property
He/she  receives Section 8 subsidy and him/her current rent amount that he/she is responsible to pay monthly is $XXX.XX.
Bluffs Towers will pay directly to your property the difference between the resident’s monthly amount and and your monthly rent amount.
Bluffs Towers will also pay the required security deposit amount and will pay for utilities that are not included in your rent.
That bitch, Pat Odowd, never faxed the letter along side with my application for North Avenue instead told the other resident about it and the resident got the place! It should have been mine!
I told Pat Odowd that these 4 years of > harassment from you people this is the lowest thing ever done to me. Told her she better find me a place comparable to North Avenue Towers.
We are to meet tomorrow but I’m thinking maybe it’s not a good idea because there will be no way I can prove what she did or did not say. I think email’s better? There would be evidence?
I’m just seething.

22 thoughts on “Telling you

  1. I hope you will get out of this very, very soon… and I like the Voodoo idea mentioned by sonofabeach96… although: one should never wish bad things on others… but fleas are okay, right???

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  2. Wow! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ll send good vibes your way for a quick and satisfactory resolution… And for Ms. Odowd’s crotch be infested with a thousand fleas. I know someone who practices voodoo. She may well be able to help you with the last part. 😊

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