What the fck now?

Trying very hard to not do the f bombing but I am failing.  It’s what I do when I am pissed.
I f bombed the hell out but not on posts.
Yup that’s me.
I yell it.
Been doing a lot of that lately after I found out what those mfckers did.
Shit, here I go I went and f bombed on the post! Look at what’s happening on the fcking playground. Just what the fck is going on?
Came here to make a post about Anna and found out one of my post is all fcked up again.
First I posted> this then I made another post explaining the situation I was talking about and what the fck?
Why is this not showing on the list of posts made by Thumbup? 

  • Stopping by to say a quick
  • British entomologist
  • Got to
  • Rare and endangered mammal recently
  • Happened yesterday.
  • Child safety.
  • Nope, it’s not the Bermuda triangle.
  • Anna
  • Disturbing
  • Good morning…

It’s not there when I clicked on view site and it’s not on the dashboard “Recently Published” either?
Look under the Reblog and Like button on Stopping by to say a> quick. It’s there!
First this> disappeared and now that!
What the fck?
Please do pardon my fcking french.
I’m very fcking pissed off at everything.
I got to fcking go.
Fck it!


30 thoughts on “What the fck now?

    1. LOL! It wasn’t just the blog. Other things were happening and when the blog disappeared I blew up! LOL! Been having problems with the living situation here but it’s now slowly turning out good.

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  1. A good melt down now and then is good
    Especially when it comes to computers
    And they can’t talk back
    I love having this conversation
    I can hear you but can’t see the fumes coming out your ears
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. let me sprinkle some “F’s” …


    and some “bombs” …

    bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb

    to help you out.

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    1. Oh. The place where I live screwed up my housing. I found it on line and gave it to Pat Odowd, she was supposed to fax it to the landlord along side with the letter about how we all have to move out before July 1st because the place where I live is undergoing renovation but she did not fax the letter instead what she did was to tell the other resident about it and they got the application and Pat faxed it with the letter included and they got the apartment which should have gone to me!

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      1. There are assholes everywhere, aren’t there? Fortunately, some of them are lawyers, who will work for you to nail them for it. I’m assuming you remember what I told you before, about finding one who specializes in discrimination cases? If not, please do so; they aren’t allowed to do stuff like that, and the right lawyer will make them regret it…

        You’ve seethed enough; now, breathe, and think… then call the lawyer…




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          1. Get a nice cup of tea, then sit, breathe, sip, sit, breathe, sip…. you’ll feel better, then you can do what you need to do, without the rage. Let it go, and you’ll eat, and sleep better. Turn it to resolve; use the energy of anger to keep you focused on screwing them in return…

            In short, don’t get mad, get even



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