Advice given to me from long ago.

> Tobe Damit from> Loud Alien Noize said something about what had happened to> Lou Reed after he received electric shock treatment at sonofabeach96’s> Last Call.
Reminded me of the time several years ago I had told one of the resident here to come look at the lady who seemed to be confused, walking around the bench over and over.He said she is like that because of the electric shock treatment she had received and then he goes, “Don’t ever let anyone touch your mind”

Not liking how there’s laws  allowing family members and whoever forcing adults into treatment like electroshock therapy, medication and lobotomies.

> Britney Spears  wants the conservatorship to end. She’s still being forced to be kept under conservatorship after 8 years of involuntary hospitalization. 
edie sedgwick 100 favorite peopleEdie Sedgewick’s father.
Now how about what had happened to> Rosemary Kennedy?
> Petition to ban electroshock.
I’m all for it and also stop giving these people control over their lives.

5 thoughts on “Advice given to me from long ago.

  1. I didn’t know about the electric shock therapy being the last big event just before Hemingway committed suicide. Really? I wonder if he would have lived longer if he didn’t get that last shock therapy.

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