Look what came in the email!

OH god!
What an adorable baby!
Anyway, wanted to tell you I found a place but I didn’t think it would be approved because of the due date of no later than> July 1st.
Dillman Place would have a 1-bedroom unit available around 7/15/16 which is $635/mo. plus utilities plus $200 deposit and it does have more sq. ft. than your current apartment at Bluffs.  This rent amount plus utilities is within the established rent price range and we can work with the 7/15/16 move-in date.  Please let me know if you liked this property and if you would like to relocate to it and I will provide Kathy with the landlord letter.
Thank you,
Pat O’Dowd
Property Manager
Knudson Management Co., Inc.

You bet I am so taking it!
Yup! Yup!

Balcony and 
Not pardoning my French!

It’s 2:20 am. 


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