Controlling shit

happening Made a post on
05/30/2016 about how I felt about people
controlling the others. Look what had happened to Bipolarbrainiac 

3 thoughts on “Controlling shit

  1. Here’s my unpopular opinion. 🙂

    I have an advanced directive that states that if I need to be hospitalized and am too ill to know it then I will be hospitalized against my will. It clearly reads: I do not want my ‘right’ to refuse treatment.

    There are worse things than being hospitalized; like going out and behaving in ways that can get me killed.

    I have been on the professional side of a mandatory hold I have to say that most states make it extremely difficult to have someone hospitalized. The patient has to be an obvious danger to himself or others, at least in California.

    I don’t know the particulars of the situation with Bipolarbrainiac so I am not speaking to it when I say that I would be grateful to someone who loved me enough to go through the bullshit of having me hospitalized.

    One of the big lies of the past 40 years is that somehow it is cruel to impose treatment on people who are too ill to know they need it.

    I have never met anyone who was genuinely ill who regretted getting treatment.

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      1. You’re welcome.

        This whole business of ‘protecting’ the right of the mentally ill to refuse treatment is great way for our corrupt mental health system to preserve profit.

        None of the people living on our streets are using hospitals.

        And we can blame them for being there by saying they chose it.

        Clean hands for medical profiteers.

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