Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link: Muhammad Ali, Mohammed Ali, Muhammed Ali, Cassius Clay, Photo, Kid< Sportscaster Joe Walker.
Muhammad Ali and 6-year-old Patrick Powers.

As a child Muhammad Ali was refused an autograph from his boxing idol Sugar Ray Robinson. When Ali became a prized fighter he vowed to never deny an autograph request, which he honored through his entire career. He even had a special P.O. box for...Muhammad Ali signing autographs for Volendam girls
Great trash talking from Muhammad Ali.Muhammad Ali smiles ANIMATED GIF

“The Champ should be pretty like me!” #MuhammadAli
bw entertainment boxing ali muhammad ali

Anthony Antonellis muhammad ali thegreatest that's bad i done wrestled with an alligator
muhammad ali sports black and white boxing
The Beatles
 Muhammad Ali knocks out challenger Sonny Liston.
muslim mystuff islam conversion Muhammad Ali muhammadali
 Vietnam War 
Liberals Unite by  Brandon Weber

 Sagan Sense

Kids pranked by  Muhammad Ali 
 Phil Donahue Show

Ruth Buzzi angrily pointing at Muhammad Ali on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast (1976).
muhammad ali suicide victimWhen the police, a psychologist and a minister had given up on the suicidal man after talking to him for 2 hours,
 Muhammad Aliwho was nearby rushed to a nearby window and extended his help. After a tense 20 minutes had passed, the man wept and was taken to a psychiatric ward. The heavyweight champion even promised to visit the man the following week.

Two trips showed the difference between a clown like Dennis Rodman, and the great
 Muhammad Ali.

 Muhammad Ali flew to Baghdad to negotiate with Saddam Hussein for the release of 15 Americans.

  Prince Called Muhammad Ali His Hero.
 and we love you too.


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