Well. Well. Well.

More good news about
Already knew about this.

From !  

And now take a look at what
has to say about the new
when you look at the cute puppy!

21 thoughts on “Well. Well. Well.

    1. saywhatumean2say, Interesting! At least there’s one good thing about acetaminophen!
      Acetaminophen is a less potent pain reliever that increases the effects of codeine.
      Yeah, cute puppy! LOL!

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      1. Yes I really know and being an alcoholic, I NEVER take Acetaminophen! Aspirin and a large beer or small gin, or all three combined, are my miracle drugs. And TU, you can call me dru or say…you don’t have to spell the whole thing out. My fingers hurt just typing it. I’m an old lady and I ache all over. hee hee hee.

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  1. Good information, and more proof of how the medical community knows far less than it thinks it knows…. We won’t mention how use of such chemicals, to replace natural remedies, is fraught with all sorts of issues they don’t want us to know about, such as the whole vaccine issue…. Since corporate influence is only concerned with making a profit, using chemicals which worsen our health plays right into their hands, for they can’t sell pills to people unless those people believe in their own sickness…. and never think of how the very medicines, that are prescribed by the doctors they trust, are what is making them sick, and keeping them that way, so they are spending a fortune just to stay alive, when in reality, there is nothing seriously wrong with them….

    Sorry for the mini-rant; the modern medical model is broken, corrupted by big business. People need to return to common sense, and their own knowledge of their own bodies….

    Cute puppy, though….

    gigoid the dubious

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