Well, I say the same thing about you, cockroaches.

  with you all repeatedly invading human’s home? Nobody invited you.

Interesting Facts (35 pics)Somewhat disappointing film smiling evil grinch how the grinch stole christmas
but then on the other hand I’ll stop feeling bad about squashing you guys. 
I be so  towards you all. One right after another. Although I don’t see why I should have felt guilty in the first place after all you’s the one being all rude and invading.  

How’s your friend doing?

23 thoughts on “Nociceptors

  1. Hehehehe…well, I usually tell them that they have till I’m back with whatever I get to get rid of them to disappear. If they’re still there when I come back then it’s really their fault. I warned them after all…

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  2. LOL – I understand how the cockroaches feel! I want to wash my hands after another ‘humanoid’ touches mine…their internal turmoil is palpable, to me!

    If others learn to be honest with themselves and others, I might respond differently…but my empathy is too intense for me to be around others – and vice versa!

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  3. LOL! Not laughing at you, but, the gifs, which are hilarious…

    I think you may have hit upon something we all should realize, milady…. Consider this: cockroaches have survived on this planet, without having had to alter their form, other than in size, for well more than a hundred million years. They are perfectly constructed to be able to withstand, and survive, everything that has happened on this planet for all that time. I’d say, that makes them the champion, in terms of life that will go on….

    Now, given how long we’ve been here, it would be more honest to note we are probably invading their home spaces, as they were here first…

    Second, if they clean themselves after being touched by us, with all their survival capabilities, I guess that makes US pretty toxic, doesn’t it?

    It’s all in your perspective….

    gigoid, the dubious

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