From playbuzz

Yo, what the fuck yo’ goddamn birth month says ’bout yo’ goddamn personality?

Dat shit says my fuckin’ personality be:

From january ta december, each month has a special meanin’. What the fuckz > yours?

Have a great evenin’ yo’ all!


32 thoughts on “From playbuzz

  1. Ha! I like this one ^^
    “Brave and fearless” “Extremely smart. But definitely the hottest and sexiest of them all”
    So just for you to know *lol*

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          1. Read again! Your partner is a wicked hottie ^^ AND you’ve got the looks to be actor or actress.
            And whatever they say: you are hot enough that wp keeps putting you in spam folders to protect unsuspecting bloggers. That’s a statement, my dear!

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  2. Reblogged this on Chevvy's Studio and commented:
    Shout out to Thumbs Up for making me laugh! I thought this was lots of fun worth sharing. Join the fun and find out what your birthday says about you. Mine is kinda true and I’m married to a gangsta! Yo- Potent! Enjoy y’all!

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    1. Yo there, chevvy8! So dis month be yo’ goddamn birthday! Well shiiit,, Happy Birthday ta yo’! Yo’ lusty dude! Goin’ ta have birthday cakes n’ da works? Hope yo’ git a lot o’ presents! Wack night. Sleep tight.

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        1. wack mornin’ or be dat shit wack night, chevvy8 yo’ lusty dude,
          so it’s winta solstice fo’ yo’!
          fantastic! in here dat shit gotta be summa solstice on tha 21st.
          amazin’ difference!

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            1. Wassup there biatch. 6 hours difference. Ok, dat shitz 11:30 be here so dat shit must be 5:30 pm ova there? Well shiiit, then yo’ have a great evening!


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