Child dragged away

by alligator at Disney Resort is found. “The> boy’s body was found intact. There’s no doubt in my mind the child was drowned by the alligator”, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. 

25 thoughts on “Child dragged away

  1. Very disturbing incident! I can still barely believe a parent would allow their 2 year old child to have free reign & not be supervised. Something very wrong with that if you ask me!!

    If you wouldn’t mind, it would mean so much to me if you could spare a few minutes of your time to have a read of my most recent blog entry on the events in Orlando and provide feedback –


    1. ohitsonlysteven,
      Many people say the same thing as you did about the, you know, the kid taken by an alligator. And I was just at your site a while ago! Oh, check your spam folder. I left some comments for you but it disappeared when I clicked on post comment. Yeah, it’s been happening at the other sites! Nice meeting you!


  2. To my understanding the parents were only a few feet away. I grew up in Florida and understand gators. They’re predators, particularly at night. Though being in the water is worse, there are a lot of dogs and cats that found walking close to the water can make you a gator’s meal. Gators do what gators do. Mostly they attack something that is small enough to swallow. If it meets that criteria, its food as far as they’re concerned. I doubt the gator was under 5.5′. I know it’s hard for us to believe in this finger-pointing world we live in, but there are such things as accidents. I know this behavior but I doubt that water safety courses in Nebraska include tips on preventing gator attacks, water moccasin bite prevention, or amoebic encephalitis.

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    1. SandySays1,
      LOL! You right about the water safety courses in Nebraska! I live in Iowa. Yeah, definitely no course on how to protect yourself from an alligator!
      Interesting thing I found out about alligators. They drown their food first before eating it?

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      1. You are correct on anything they would have trouble swallowing. A really large gator sometimes kills something it can’t swallow whole. Gators grasp part of it and spin to rip off a portion. This is often done over several days as the animal starts to decompose. Gruesome but true-

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      1. Yes, I saw on a comment someone posted something was “fishy” and then, I saw a comment and someone was taking up for the parents. Then, I saw more comments on fb about the issue saying the parents “should have known better” They were there, with their son. This was a freak accident. Plus the artical says, the father went in the water after him. He was there. The alligator was just to quick for him. At the time, I read your blog. I did not realize this was a issue. So, my question was, if the responders or the media had some evidence I had not read about. Then I looked into the story deeper, realizing lots of people were playing the blame game.

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  3. Accountability is rough
    I’m a parent I know
    Just stop and think about being proactive
    And just taking care of yourself
    I’m not saying that there mite have been extenuating circumstances
    But being present in the moment 24/7
    Is a responsibility unto it’s in regards to self
    And to your child
    Alligator or gorilla
    It’s very sad to lose a child
    It’s all very real to all of us
    And the shit is getting deeper by the day
    like I said just being responsible is a full time job
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    1. amommasview, Indeed! You know, alligators gonna do what they do. Come to find out alligators drown their food first before eating it? At least so thankful the kid wasn’t eaten alive and the body was quickly found.

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