Temperature today was

96 °F | °C.
Been out doing yard work for a friend again. This time I was well prepared. Covered myself with #15 sunscreen. So far so good! No sunburn. Spend most of the yardwork burning branches, leaves and sticks. It was fun burning stuff up!

20 thoughts on “Temperature today was

  1. Sounds like a lovely day 🙂
    Here it is still cold (max 15°C) and rainy. Not going to need a lot of sun screen this year. So enjoy your share of sunny weather!

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      1. 😀 Actually this is about the weather we had in December when it was unusually warm. Now we have an unusually cold summer. Some days in May were much colder than it was end of December. Crazy weather recently, really.
        I’d prefer it the traditional way: Cold winter, nice warm summer. So I can properly complain about the weather ^^

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    1. omtatjuan3,
      LOL! I was wondering the same thing too! About allowing burning. The only thing I can think of the reason why it’s allowed because it’s close to ? The lake is yucky. It stinks. No way am I swimming in there.

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