Preservation for the

tunnel that runs from the gladiator’s training school to the colosseum.
Dead British gladiator found underneath the Yorkshire museum.
Naval BattlesInteresting Facts (35 pics)

Reconstructed elevator once used to raise wild animals into the arena of the colosseum.

movie joaquin phoenix thumbs down gladiator

To make sure the loser wasn’t pretending to be dead, an attendant dressed as Mercury would touch him with his hot iron wand. Another attendant, dressed as Charon, would hit him with a mallet.
Oh. How exciting, eh?

35 thoughts on “Preservation for the

                  1. Hi Sweetie, I know the shaka, after all I spent my misspent youth in So California but I also know….and this was WAY before your time…”Call Me”.

                    Done in person up close to your ear was call me; your hand was a telephone head set, your fingers, the receiver and sender, the small shaking gesture was the symbol for the ring.

                    NOT ASL but universal for us old farts. Who by the way have learned what the shaka means even if they don’t:… “Go out fooling around, picking up beach boys and eating Chinese Food”

                    as my old boy friend’s mother would describe my behavior.

                    The icon could be either but again…what da hey? It makes more sense in the comments than…call me. ~~dru~~

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  1. Exciting Yes, but not as exciting as your blogs Thumb. You have the most fascinating blogs but I’m still almost puking from that “critter” on your last one. Well I gatta go check the Frittata…I’d forgotten how much work they are. ~~dru~~

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