Hollie Breaux Mallet

This is Hollie Breaux Mallet from Louisiana.

from Louisiana asked:
So she took to Facebook to find out who he was.
❤Love on dog
Ms. Mallet’s sweet too herself, welcoming the little boy
to stay and play with her dog.

6 thoughts on “Hollie Breaux Mallet

  1. I say that on David Muir and my cuteometer broke. I have a little girl…she is going to take over the “Cat Lady” from me when she grows up. She comes by about once a week and checks out under my hedges and such to make sure no baby catz have gotten out and can’t get back in or are sick. She cat-napped one a couple of years ago…to my GREAT satisfaction…and I got him altered for her when he was about a year old. Now for payback, she just checks out my yard for cat problems. Her little sister calls her “The Cat Whisper Girl”. ~~ dru ~~

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            1. ~~dru~~,
              Posting and commenting is a lot of fun! I love doing it! So glad to be able to do it now. When my headaches comes on, I barely can’t see. Now I can so I’m baaaaack! Although I got to stop soon to go get some cigarettes. LOL!

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