108 thoughts on “Wishing me a

  1. Hey Thumb – Hope I haven’t missed the party – if I have belated, happy birthday and the best way I know is to celebrate with music. So here you go! Best Chevvy🎈🎈🍸🍸🎈🎈🎈🌷🌷🌻🌻

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  2. TU…. fist rubbing over heart…

    Happy late birthday; missed it somehow in the day’s crush. I hope it was a great one… So, you’re what… 35 now?





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    1. Sue,
      Kinda feeling a wee bit nauseous from eating too much cake! While you’re here. Letting you know I have left a few comments at your site and it disappeared after I clicked on post comment. Maybe check your spam folder to see if it’s in there?

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                1. All right! But you know sometimes it will get spam botted and if it does I will let you know right away. I am still wondering what had happened to the rest of the comments? Only thing I could think of is that maybe after a while being in the spam folder it will automatically go to trash or whatever?

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              1. Ah, now I think I understand the problem. That comment is under spam, and it’s a .gif — a frightening one, I might add! lol. I found out a while ago that the WP theme I use doesn’t support .gifs or videos — pretty lame, I know, but there it is. Sorry. Thanks for helping me figure it out.

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