Humans spontaneously

burst into flames.

In 1852, famous author
Charles Dickens used spontaneous human combustion as a device to kill off a character in his novel Bleak House. 


19 thoughts on “Humans spontaneously

      1. Well Thumb if we eat enough cake and we may…fat burns and I’m a long way along that road.

        Then other people are going to have to smoke cigars while they clean us up off the floor….maybe they’ll need a cognac too. Heard about only one case in my area when I was working at a forensic lab in the 1970s.


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          1. Just a clerk but my Uncle was the pathologist for Riverside Co in CA, he wanted me to train to be a CSI well what they had as CSIs back then; not what we see on TV but I decided I’d rather party and never took him up on the offer. However I did learn and see a lot of esoteric (read icky but fascinating) STUFF…

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