OH god! Isn’t it beautiful?

Ding Dong Cake-rich devil's food cake, a vanilla cream filling and smothered in chocolate ganache!

The luscious looking thing pouring over the cake is called ganache which is a glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream.

How about that!

Learned me a new vocabulary today!


18 thoughts on “OH god! Isn’t it beautiful?

  1. You’d probably enjoy the Queen of Sheba Cake… It’s made with a base of chocolate meringue, a chocolate sponge cake, with chocolate whipped cream between layers, then covered with chocolate ganache frosting, chocolate shavings, and dusted with cocoa powder….

    The original chocolate overload cake…. first made by a royal chef in England for a visit from the real Queen of Sheba back in the nineteenth century….



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