Helen Marion Palmer Geisel

was an American children’s author, editor, and philanthropist.
She was married to fellow author Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.
Helen Geisels and Dr. Seuss were close friends with Audrey and Grey  Dimonds.
One day they all went whale watching on a yacht. A heave of a wave threw Audrey Dimonds into Dr. Seuss’s arms.
“He caught me and we looked at each other and the awareness was mutual.
You look away and you talk about inane things, but it would never be the same.



23 thoughts on “Helen Marion Palmer Geisel

  1. Thumbup, I’ve researched Seuss (Zeus) a bit. He worked in an office for propaganda where he developed the skill of demeaning others. There is more to be found out about him at ChristmasIsaLie website and YouTube channel. Yes, antisemitic for sure.
    The irrational passion for someone new when you are already married can be resisted so that lives aren’t destroyed.

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  2. The sad / funny thing is, that most people hate this guy for his cheating more than his racism! Same with Walt Disney…his anti-Semitism is disliked far more than his hatred for non-white people, in general.

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  3. Yes, many people who have great accomplishments also have great flaws that some of their admirers ignore or excuse. Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso were both nasty to the women in their lives, and so on. Realizing that our heroes are not so heroic after all is one of the hard tasks of growing up.

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  4. This has been a problem
    For as long as there were geniuses
    Dali, did it to his best friend
    The stories go on and on
    It’s sad but it’s also part of the human condition
    Everyone has a skeleton
    You just got to know where to look
    “Love sucks the air out of life”
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  5. This was quite depressing, really. I do know we all are human, though. I believe a lot of good people can do some really bad things and a lot of bad people can do some really good things. Then again the man could of just been a really good writer.

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  6. Having lived in So.CA in the late 1960s, I knew some of this already…racist – bigot…but I’ve thought a lot about it since I found out about the exact reason for Helen’s suicide.which I did much later in my life.

    Therefore, the conflict I feel regarding the ethics of that man and many others; has caused me to read some on the subject. Since Thumb beat me to the “post”, which I probably never would have written anyway, I’m going to share some of that research here. I know this is not exactly Playground material but then Dr Seuss creator wasn’t either.

    Can You Hate the Artist but Love the Art?

    It’s hard to be a good person; it’s hard to produce great work. Most of us accomplish neither. To demand both might be asking more than human beings are capable of. To deprive oneself of great work created by a less-than-great person seems overly fastidious.
    Peter Shaffer poses a version of this perplexing question in his play and screenplay “Amadeus’’ can a bad man make great art? For Shaffer, the answer is unambiguously yes, to the chagrin of Mozart’s rival Salieri, who thought himself the better man yet knew himself the inferior composer. It drove him to despair…
    In the New York Times
    August 2009


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