What emotion is your

subconscious hiding? 
Reveal your hidden subconscious emotion by choosing the Tarot cards at playbuzz. 
Holy shit!Result of

was Love.

Your subconscious is hiding a deep and passionate love. It may be a romantic love or a passion in life, either way you are deeply in love with someone or something.

The Tarot reveals a true romance, love affair, or strong passion ruling your subconscious and directing your actions from behind the scenes. You’re sensitive and may even be a bit vulnerable, but you have a great deal of kindness and compassion for those around you. If you’re currently in a relationship, this is one of the, if not THE, great love of your life. Listen to your heart, and you’ll never go astray!

Find out what yours are hiding. 


29 thoughts on “What emotion is your

  1. Playbuzz hates my computer, or my computer hates it…way too many graphics happening, so my card overloads my hard-drive or something.
    Stupid link wouldn’t even copy and paste right – must be discriminating against me, LOL

    Anyway, I got “Anger” – which doesn’t surprise me in the least!


      1. Sorry kid, I thought I got the closed captioned one. It is from Madeline and it is a scene where the Head Nun says (and this is quoting the story book, not the musical) “Something is Not Right”….which I meant as What Me subconsciously hiding love? I’ll take more time to look for captions. sorry your humble (Yah Right!) slave. ~~dru~~

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