Inmates break free from cell.

Kelton calls himself a meth addict facing his fourth trip to prison. Says he just can’t stay clean.
Send to prison because of his addiction? He didn’t molest no little children and/or committed any murders.
It’s just wrong.

11 thoughts on “Inmates break free from cell.

  1. Meth equals death. Tweakers can’t be trusted. It angers me that a person will get a felony for marijuana possession, but a tweaker will get a misdemeanor and keep on doing what they do until they kill someone.

    Too many of are behind the wheel of a car that they don’t have a license for, because said license was taken away for – yep, you guessed it – causing “vehicular mishaps” while high on meth.

    I have no sympathy.

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  2. I suppose a line has to be drawn. It’s the law. It was illegal to buy it in the first place and he illegally got himself addicted, there are rehabs available – yet he claims it’s not his fault?

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  3. Having been on both sides of this coin at one time or another, I can add an amen to Sheldon’s comment. Also, I’ll point out society is broken; the whole penal system is one symptom of that, including the ostensible ‘War on Drugs’, which never did anything but make the same issues worse…. There are literally thousands of young men like that one in jails in this country, whose only crime was to be dumb enough to fall for enough lies to get discouraged, and into trouble seeking a way to feel something meaningful….


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  4. I understand the whole mind set of being an addict
    I also understand staying clean
    I had 22 yrs and I threw it away
    Now I’ve got 15+
    I know better now
    You are still a person
    It’s just the drugs wants you
    Unless you understand
    That you come first
    You’ll always chase the rush

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