Based on your burger preferences


will reveal who you are.

You got: DGAF


22 thoughts on “Based on your burger preferences

    1. Milady TU, et al,

      Sorry, still laughing, & accidentally hit post. This one shows exactly why these tests are, at best, silly as far as consistent accuracy goes…. If you think about it, how accurate can it be, if people are tempted to lie about their answers, for whatever reasons?

      Anyway, it told me I was Overwhelmed By Life, because I picked such a simple burger combo. It couldn’t possibly know I like it that way because, in my life, I have handled, prepared, and cooked (as well as eaten my share of…) MORE than a boxcar full of hamburger. I worked in a semi-gourmet, college town burger joint for over a year, & crossed the 72 ton (a boxcar full) mark shortly before leaving to go cook more of a variety of foods. I’ve tried them every damn way there is to eat them, so, now I like it simple…. which the psychobabble ‘bots took for being overwhelmed by all the choices in life….

      Which is why I laughed…. If it isn’t clear to anyone why, just go read my blog for a few days to have it clarified…

      More fun than I figured….

      gigoid, the dubious

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  1. It’s a burger
    For cryin out loud
    Some people will eat it any old way
    Others won’t
    I prefer mine medium rare
    I love to see the pink
    And I don’t gaf either
    Food glorious food
    Hot sausage and mustard

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  2. I am an Insecure Go-Getter
    I am smart. I am ambitious. Yet I’m often paralyzed by fear. I know what I want and I know how to get it — I just need to get out of my own head AND OFF MY BUTT!!!
    hee hee hee. ~~dru~~

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      1. Ooooo I have my moments but truly I am always sure I can do anything as long as I really want to; it is just that I am too lazy not insecure but that is what my mystic burger told me, so I must believe. ~~dru~~

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