Image result for animated gif waving hi

Remember this?

Also I couldn’t see you all’s comments in the reader thing.

It was blank with this thing

Image result for loading gif

spinning and spinning and spinning.

So I went and asked the

Happiness Engineers

for help.

Later on I googled about this problem and got


I guess it must have worked because now I am able to like and see the comments too.

Image result for animated gif smiley yay


11 thoughts on “Fixed.

  1. After having assorted problems on many websites and finding that tech support was correct in recommending that I clear the browser cache, I decided to tell my browser to use ZERO as the cache size. (The sequence leading to that option in Firefox 47 is [Menu Bar] [Tools] [Advanced] [Network]). So I never need to clear the damn cache. In olden times, when websites were much simpler and connections were much slower, caching made sense. Nowadays, the modest speed improvement when all goes well does not compensate for the hassle when all does not go well.

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