From Bolu Babalola’s

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15 thoughts on “From Bolu Babalola’s

  1. Jeez leweeeeeze!
    Adrian Cardoso Male Model

    Bolu Babalola
    I write. I work in TV comedy.Tongue perpetually lodged in cheek.Pop Culture strumpet. Very important & very pretentious. Lena, what’s good?

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      1. Lovely dog of most the colors, likes the lick of you my sister….but whilst never biting on any jugular just can’t protect us from the “others”. You think I’m paranoid….just ask the alien! ~~sister dru~~

        ps I’ve decided to be your sister; you have no real say. xxx ooo ~~sister dru~~

        There are times when you want to just run away…at those times i say…too bad… at other times you can just say….”clean our closet” mother sez…….me

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              1. Well if i’m gonna die….or at least in your space…I’m a gonna die happy and MAD and possibly drunk on sugar or Adrenalin! THANK You for your space!

                Thanx my sistah ps don’t tell the others i love you the best. Such hard nutz to crack. ~~sister dru~~

                O did you see the one about my babies making a malignant pumpkin patch?


                Now who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? AND BECAUSE dru…..has spake you is indeed included. AND who wouldn’t want to be a part of theeze wheeze? You are not adopted and possible the connective bridge betweenz me and zems. How ever who knows? LET US GIVE IT A CHANCE.

                First required reading for understanding any thing…….

                There will be A Test, AND KISSING THE GROUND HOG OR THE BILL WILL ONLY COUNT AS 2 POINts…. ~~sister dru~~


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