Sun GazingWhich gemstone are you?

Much more extraordinary than an ordinary diamond, the red diamond represents your fiery and energetic aura.

Courageous and confident, you’re a lover of exploration with a blazing passion for adventure.

While sometimes you’re a bit impulsive, you live a life full of excitement.

Just remember to try and take a deep breath before reacting aggressively and most importantly, shine bright like a diamond!

Your gemstone.


25 thoughts on “Gemstones.

  1. This is what I got:

    Black Opal

    Black Opal forms as a result of rains that soak into ancient underground rock in the Australian outback. Just like the formation of this precious stone, there are many layers to your complex and vibrant personality. You are known for having a wild heart that is as colorful as the energetic rainbow hues found in black opal. Although some might not be able to handle your crazy side, those that are closest to you love you exactly the way you are. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!


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  2. I’m a black opal. Didn’t even know this exists O.O
    They say I have a crazy side – don’t know what they mean by “side” 😉

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  3. Ha mine sounds about right. -Tanzanite!
    This rare and wildly popular gem derives its name from the only place in the world where it can be found: Tanzania, Africa. This gemstone represents your complex and emotionally intelligent personality. The deep blue hues symbolize the calm and serenity that you seek in your everyday relationships. It’s not always easy being emotionally sensitive and you know this all too well. However, just because you’re sensitive doesn’t mean you’re weak. In fact, your awareness of others makes you a intuitive and dependable friend whose heart shines as bright as Tanzanite!

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