26 thoughts on “Scary ass

  1. Perhaps this could be called “Scared Ass” because it is about the narrator’s perspective after all. The kangaroos pretty much cleared out as the person was bicycling along. They were looking at him because he didn’t look like them!

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  2. This “kangaroo horde” phenomenon is no joke. I actually saw it one summer ( when you weren’t there) during tourist season. The horde kept asking me for directions to the nearest McDonald’s and whinging about water pressure. I freaked out, until someone pointed out that there were no kangaroos in our area….

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  3. Animals are getting just as crazy as people now a days
    I saw this big freaking thing pop out of the dumpster
    Behind a restaurant last week
    I was in my car
    But I thought to myself
    Don’t they do that stuff at nite
    I guess when your hungry
    You are hungry
    The Sheldon Perspective

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