Vicki the Bitch!!!

148 sleep nights till Christmas!!

( I cant comment on your site anymore   why Bitch!!!!!!!!?)

I had to laugh how people says your site is a trash and yet they still come to your site everytime.  They like you Bitch

Getting ready for another move and another adventure!!!!!

Have a good day Bitch!!!

From another Bitch!!




8 thoughts on “Vicki the Bitch!!!

  1. Did you get “trolled” buy one of those “first name only” commenters that do not have a WordPress blog? I receive lots of those every time I do an anti Trump post. Using the email I receive for each comment from WordPress I have been able to determine that the stupid hateful comments were coming from Russia! The comments usually start off innocently enough (which fools the WordPress spam filter) and then there is the Avalanche of Filth. These Russians and trolls in general use a lot of sneaky tactics to gain access to your comment section. spamming them will get rid of them but they will try to trick you by coming back and making nice comments.. if your troll has an IP address emanating from RIPE (eastern Europe) it is a Russian troll. Their goal is to shut people up So don’t let them win!
    ^^ Buffalo Tom

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    1. When I post something I know is going to set off a swarm of Putin’s paid liars. I manually clear comments. I mark troll comments as spam and send them to troll heaven. I won’t let the russia’s gossip mongers use my blog to spread Putin’s 19th Century ideology. Glad I ran into this comment.

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      1. Yahoo! Hi Rob!
        It’s fun sending the trolls through the spam Grindr! I have personally “processed” hundreds of them. I think it’s appropriate that the WordPress spam mechanism treats these trolls like registered sex offenders! The irony of it is beautiful!👍👊

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