Long time no here!!!

Long time no here!!!


Image result for animated gif polar bear wavingYOU ALL!!! How was your Christmas? Mine was OK. Ate too much. Cookies, fudges, candy canes and more then ended up with a horrendous heartburn!!!

Now guess what? I am so sorry now that I declined to take the leftover sweets home with me!!!

It rained cats and dogs yesterday with some lightening!!! In December?!!!

On the sidebar at the playground way down, there will be an explanation of where I was and will be where I am.

All righty! Going to go answer some comments. You all have a good day!!!

Drinking coffee.

Long time no play!
Today, going to stay home!
Hope I didn’t speak too soon.
You should see my legs! No idea what the heck it is.
It was all covered with red welts and splotches so a friend gave me a tube of anti-itch hydrocortisone cream, seems to be working real good. Been walking around with globs of white cream on my legs and still got the globs on! All righty, you all