Off with their head!

Eugene Weidmann met three men, Roger Million, Blanc and Fritz Frommer, during his time in jail who would later become his partners in crime. 


Life magazine

Weidmann, Million, Blanc and Tricot were tried in March 1939, with Weidmann and Million receiving the death sentence while
Blanc received a jail sentence of 20 months and Tricot was acquitted.

Million’s sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

Beheaded outside of prison in Versailles.

Final execution by guillotine.

As omtatjuan3 said,


on television.


Lighting up was once considered acceptable behavior at the office, in elevators and other crowded public places.

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absurdnoise the flintstones vintage tv cartoon smoking tv smoking
first aired, virtually everyone, including Johnny Carson, smoked on-camera.

reaction i love you dean martin dean martin variety show

the twilight zone twilight zone

 Last cigarette commercial to air on network TV, broadcast right before midnight on January 1, 1971 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It features Veronica Hamel, who went on to star in Hill Street Blues.

Dean Martin does not approveBy the mid-80s, smoking openly on television was a thing of the past, but


> Johnny Carson‘s cigarette box remained on his desk until his final broadcast <



 The X Files.

Four generations of intimate relations among the  Colts. 

 Betty Colt, who has supervised contact with her children, appears to be in denial, and her lawyer has disputed the court’s findings. The Children’s Court ruled she is not willing “to disentangle herself from her family” and “is incapable of addressing her own traumatic history”.

Know 30 star wars facts you did not.


  1. Almost played by a monkey, yoda was. Yes, hmmm.
  2. “Ewok” Was never spoken in the original trilogy. Yeesssssss.
  3. Actually visible in the original movies, boba fett’s face is. Herh herh herh.
  4. “Bad feeling about this, I have” For the franchise became a running gag.
  5. Of the jedi almost had a very different ending return.
  6. Of the clones ‘n sync nearly had a cameo in attack. Hmmmmmm.
  7. No determined species, yoda has.
  8. Yoda is a muppet not. Herh herh herh.
  9. Watching, depending on what movie you are, different number of toes, yoda has.
  10. No female fighter pilots in the original trilogy, there are.  
  11. Star Wars and 2001: Space odyssey share almost the exact same production crew. 
  12. To create legions of clone troopers the star wars prequels used computer animation. Hmmmmmm.
  13. For his communicator qui-gon jinn used a gillette razor. Herh herh herh.
  14. E.t. Was in the phantom menace — sort of. Herh herh herh.
  15. Ewoks speak tibetan. Yeesssssss.
  16. David lynch passed on directing jedi. Herh herh herh.
  17. Banned from all official star wars events, darth vader is.
  18. Actually an elephant, the sound of a tie fighter engine is.
  19. An eclectic mix of other animals, chewbacca’s voice is.
  20. Of an old television the lightsaber noise comes from the familiar hum. Yes, hmmm.
  21. Use star wars collectible coins as real money, you can.
  22. Too tall for star wars, liam neeson was. Yeesssssss.
  23. Enough fan tribute videos to recreate a new hope and empire strikes back, there are.
  24. Originally meant to be furry, jabba the hut was.
  25. George lucas left the directors guild because of a new hope. Yeesssssss.
  26. Created in an unorthodox way, the iconic opening credits were. Yes, hmmm.
  27. Han solo harrison ford almost was not. Yeesssssss.
  28. Empire strikes back uses the most stop-motion animation. Hmmmmmm.
  29. Cliff clavin makes a cameo in empire. Yeesssssss.
  30. Of jedi han solo almost died at the end. Yes, hmmm.

More star wars facts



To yoda-speak convert your english text.

Love the smell of the freshly mown grass?

Trauma, that’s what. It’s the smell of chemical defenses and first aid. The fresh, “green” scent of a just-mowed lawn is the lawn> trying to save itself from the injury you just inflicted.
I am thinking of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie,
is not too far fetched! Here’s the short description of the movie   
Starting in New York City everyone is suddenly killing themselves. Everyone drops what they’re doing, seemingly goes catatonic for a moment and then offs themselves anyway they can. 
Fling themselves off the top of a building, shoot themselves in the head…whatever. 

The Happening can happen!

Love the lawnmower!

Степан Мазиров
OlegKostoglatov: People used to have rights, the government didn’t tell everyone what to do in every aspect of their life. Also the Flintstones was an adult oriented cartoon, not that it was X rated or anything but the program and it’s subject matter was of a more mature nature, that was aired at night. It wasn’t until the fourth season, after they introduced Pebbles and Bam Bam, that it became a kiddy cartoon.

Books are banned and burned.

The “First Fireman” according to the rule books in Fahrenheit 451, was Benjamin Franklin. (In 1736, Ben Franklin helped establish the Union Fire Company, the first fire department in Philadelphia to burn English-influenced books in the Colonies)
A typical middle-class home in the world of Fahrenheit 451 has an entire room devoted to cinema french fran fahrenheit 451

film francois truffaut franois truffaut ray bradbury fahrenheit 451

film francois truffaut franois truffaut ray bradbury fahrenheit 451Guy Montag is a fireman and the main job of the fireman is to start the fires in the homes of the people who are suspected of hoarding books.

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film cinema french fran fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag murdered his fire chief Fahrenheit 451 Beatty fahrenheit 451 facebook profile projectand destroyed his station’s expensive, high tech Mechanical Hound. He left his wife

and went on the lam.

Guy Montag joined an underground organization of men and women, each of whom has committed one more books to memory,

waiting for the day when it will once again be legal to print, sell, and read such things.


Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the movie Drag me to hell, don’t look.

halloween animated GIF
Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) has a loving boyfriend (Justin Long) and a great job at a Los Angeles bank.

But her heavenly life becomes hellish when, in an effort to impress her boss, she denies an old woman’s request for an extension on her home loan.

In retaliation, the crone places a curse on Christine, threatening her soul with eternal damnation.

1:52 Christine seeks a psychic’s help to break the curse. 2:11 Broke the curse.

Curse broken.


Failure in breaking the curse.

Find out why.

Bye. Bye.