Why for indeed!!!

whychristmas?comRight Image result for animated gif christmas arrowhere is the !Image result for animated gif christmas arrowImage result for animated gif christmas dividers



Image result for animated gif waving hi

Remember this?

Also I couldn’t see you all’s comments in the reader thing.

It was blank with this thing

Image result for loading gif

spinning and spinning and spinning.

So I went and asked the

Happiness Engineers

for help.

Later on I googled about this problem and got


I guess it must have worked because now I am able to like and see the comments too.

Image result for animated gif smiley yay

From the WordPress’s,

Image result for green lines dividers


4:10 PM (8 hours ago)

to me
Thank you for your support request. Your public message has been posted to the forums so you and other users can see it here:
We have automatically subscribed you to email updates on the forum thread. We will respond to you as soon as we can.
For reference the request you submitted was:
When I click on the like button on another blogger’s post it goes to this https://wordpress.com/public.api/connect/?action=verify&service=wordpress
then it quickly disappear?
Thank you.