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Although the passageway doesn't completely reflect Borglum's vision because it's missing some ornamental designs, he can rest easy knowing that the aliens that visit our planet 10,000 years from now will know who Teddy Roosevelt was.carved into the side of Mountain Rushmore in the  

Local historian Doane Robinson came up with the idea for Mount Rushmore in 1923 in order to promote tourism in South Dakota.


Carving of Mount Rushmore was started on October 4, 1927 by Gutzon Borglum, a famous Dutch-American sculptor who was selected for the Mount Rushmore project.



At his death in March 1941 his son, Lincoln Borglum, continued the work and it was completed later that year on October 31, 1941.







Initially, it was planned for the figures to be carved from head to waist, but a shortage in funding didn’t allow for this.

 President Franklin Roosevelt 

Timeline of Mt. Rushmore.
Behind Lincoln’s head.
The vision of the monument's designer, Gutzon Borglum, the room was designed to hold copies of America's most sacred documents.Hidden Room

60 years after Borglum’s death, the Hall of Records was never completed,

but his vision was at least partially honored in 1998 when the vault was opened.
An unfinished chamber.

Preservation for the

tunnel that runs from the gladiator’s training school to the colosseum.
Dead British gladiator found underneath the Yorkshire museum.
Naval BattlesInteresting Facts (35 pics)

Reconstructed elevator once used to raise wild animals into the arena of the colosseum.

movie joaquin phoenix thumbs down gladiator

To make sure the loser wasn’t pretending to be dead, an attendant dressed as Mercury would touch him with his hot iron wand. Another attendant, dressed as Charon, would hit him with a mallet.
Oh. How exciting, eh?


Croma Security Solutions  Secure Places.
#1. Area 51 Air base in Nevada 

Look at the round thing!  I wonder! Maybe it’s not from no aliens flying around the spaceship, it’s them U.S. military people?area-51
AREA - 51 The Revelation About The Biggest Secret In The World#2. Federal Reserve
#3. Safe House
#4. Doomsday seed vault


(Air Intakes+Filtration System)>
 Greenbriar Underground Bunker
There are only a few entrances to The Greenbrier’s  Cold War Bunker— picture above left is where trucks could deliver supplies. The door weighs 25 tons. How nice!Where was the one for us,
Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out  Locations? Read what it says underneath the youtube.
#6. Fort Knox in Kentucky, USA.
Banned the private ownership of gold. 
Amanda Green’s Fort Knox is just for gold?

#7. HavenCo world’s smallest nation. LOL!
 By Richard Haugh

#8. Granite Mountain Records Vault
has its own ample water supply. At the rear of the vault is a water storage reservoir that is continually The reservoir inside the GMRVreplenished by a spring deep inside the granite mountain. In 1973 the water flow was 8,700 gallons per day. Tests showed the water to be pure enough for drinking and for processing microfilm. I would like to try the water for drinking!
#9. USP Florence ADMAX
#10. Bold Lane Car Park in  Derby, England.
 Places to go 2 survive the apocalypse.

Tunnels and caverns mines

underneath the city of Paris, France.

By the 18th century, Parisian cemeteries such as Les Innocents (the largest cemetery in Paris) were becoming overpopulated, giving rise to improper burials, open graves, and unearthed corpses. Quite naturally, people living close to such places began complaining about the strong stench of decomposing flesh and the spread of diseases from the> cemeteries.

In 1763, an edict was issued by Louis XV banning all burials from the capital. The Church, however, did not wish to disturb or move the cemeteries, and opposed the edict. As a result, nothing was done. The situation persisted until 1780, when an unusually long period of spring rain caused a wall around the Les Innocents to collapse, resulting in the spilling of rotting corpses into a neighboring property. By this time, the French authorities were forced to take action.
Bones were exhumed and arranged in the existing subterranean tunnels of the city’s ancient> quarry.

Sign <above the> doorway.

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During the 1970s and 80s, the catacombs have been explored illegally by Parisian urban explorers known as Cataphiles.

Slideshow> People who have been exploring the uncharted areas of the catacombs are known as>Les Cataphilesmeaning “the underground lovers”<from Philippe Ory.

Some of the spaces have even been restored and turned into creative spaces. One of these underground caverns, for instance, was transformed into a secret amphitheater, complete with a giant cinema screen, projection equipment, a couple of films and seats. The neighboring area was revamped into a fully-stocked bar and a restaurant, perhaps where the patrons of the amphitheater could get a snack or a> meal.

picsPhotos> Kanz4rem

BY THOR JENSEN: Underneath the streets of Paris stretch over 200 miles of tunnels, caves and catacombs, used for a variety of fascinating purposes. Originally hollowed out for limestone when the city was being built, the Paris catacombs have been used for corpse disposal, mushroom farming, and hideouts for the French resistance during World War II. They were closed to the public in 1955, but a whole subculture of cataphiles has arisen around the underground city. Explorers have renovated tunnels, built living areas and even hosted art exhibitions in the Paris catacombs. A team of French officials monitors the structural integrity of the remaining quarry walls, as they have been known to cave in and take whole neighborhoods on the surface with them.

Legend <of Philibert Aspairt

From> Sebastiaan 

It has been estimated that as many as 300> Cataphiles enter the catacombs each week via secret entrances. Non-Cataphiles and tourists, however, are not often welcome

 The City of the Sea

The> secrecy of the catacomb networks, and the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city above, are attractive concepts to the Cataphiles, and they would probably not let go of their haunts so> easily.

The Dead Sea,

worlds lowest point marker 10 Things You Didnt Know About the Dead Sealocated between Israel and Jordan, is the lowest place on earth, 427 meters below sea level.
<Photo by Dieter Manske 
Apparently you can’t drown in the> dead sea.Me again. Making some correction about the> drowning. My bad.

Looks like there’s 35 years left to go before the dead sea disappear by the year of> 2050

It’s the world’s first health spa, built by orders of

<The one and the same who had ordered baby boys be killed because of some dude by the name of Jesus.

> Cleopatra persuaded her lover
to invade the> region.  I’ll be darned, she wasn’t no> Egyptian

Lunar litter

Got gibbeted!

In 1536, Bernhard Krechting, Bernhard Knipperdolling, and Jan van Leiden were chained to stakes in the Münster public square, tortured with flesh-ripping tongs for more than an hour,
15 century execution cages still hanging in Münster Germany
tortured with flesh-ripping tongs for more than an hour, killed with daggers thrust into their hearts, and their remains hoisted in cages in the city cathedral as a warning against any similar misbehavior in the future.
The 15 century execution cages are still hanging in Münster GermanyClick