There it is,

the moment I’ve been waiting for.
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Wow! I just found out something funny… Good Luck!
Remember that I TOLD you on Deaf Wars. Sad that you ignored my advice!
Yup. It’s what these people at DVTV do. Bunch of bullies.
Feeling bad for the dude, GhostBikerX, who was forced to shut down his website simply because he let those who’s been cyberbullied at the other website and I to come in to his website.screenshot-drive-google-com-2016-11-16-19-34-19
See the guy in the corner? Asshole! He was cheering! Son of a bitch!!! I will try to find the video comment by him so you could see it for yourself.
It’s nothing new, I guess. He has been an asshole in the past when Buddha9 and I was at his former website, SLVLOGS.  
He just recently opened up another website and yeah, he was so damn jealous of GhostBikerX’s website!!! 
deafghOster still at it. Again nothing new. He had been harassing Buddha9 and I at her former website, LLL before.
Just while ago GhostBikerX made a video and he’s doing fine!!! I’m so glad!!
Been worried about him.
Alrighty got to go, got 2 men here getting impatient with me!!!
Have a good night you all.
UPDATE!!! GhostBikerX opened up his website again! YAY!

Ok guys,

Just got home this morning.

Been out of town visiting friends.

Gorgeous fall weather!

Trees so colorful and the smell of leaves, lovely!

Anyway, while I was out of town.

I got to thinking.

Was feeling I should let you know where I am because 


posted something about where did the bloggers go? 

Tried to find the post but failed and gave up.

I’m at another wordpress site.


It’s going to be all about the

people in the social network for the deaf.

At Deaf Video TV I went there to support 2MattSeattle.

When everything calmed down over there,

I came back to the playground.

Then another situation,

went right back there to support Cherub Geez.

Got kicked out of Deaf Video TV.


A dear person I know had talked of suicide.  

I am absolutely furious.

So I opened up another wordpress website for the sole purpose to yell at them.

Warning you,

I’m mean. I’m swearing. I’m horrible.

I’m rude and all. 

Then GhostBikerX opened up his website and lord, the poor man is being unfairly slandered, maligned and bullied. He had his website hacked by them 2 assholes, deafghOster and zack1324.

He shut it down then reopened it.

So I am over there to give him my full support. It’s got videos which will be in America Sign Language and some written texts.


I’ll be in the videos so you’ll be able to see what I look like!

Warts and all!