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Remember this?

Also I couldn’t see you all’s comments in the reader thing.

It was blank with this thing

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spinning and spinning and spinning.

So I went and asked the

Happiness Engineers

for help.

Later on I googled about this problem and got


I guess it must have worked because now I am able to like and see the comments too.

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Covering my eyes.

Quickto you all.Trying very hard not to look at the posts and the comments made by you guys. Because I know I will never be able to tear myself away from it. Got some landlord/tenant thing to do. Made one comment for roach59 of studiotj. Whoa! Big mistake! Found myself

off to you alls comments and posts and stopped myself in time!
Just one more thing I gots to do then I be free to go play on the playground!

All righty, gots to go!
You all