Crone of the Catskills.

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cropped-top-logo.png The area is known as Catskill Mountains. It is located in the state of New York at a place known as Grahamsville. Several men went hiking and found a rather mysterious statue inside a cave randomly. The statue has nails in its eyes and a noose wrapped tightly around its neck. What this means and what it was for…is rather disturbing to think about.

When they found the statue, they also noticed a fire which still had several embers burning before they put them out. Whoever was here before, was up to something and they hadn’t left the area long ago. Both men decided they didn’t want to hang around this place for any longer than they needed to.

One man mentioned rumors of devil worshipers in this area. People would come here to sacrifice animals and attempt to cast spells. Neither of them wanted any part of this. However, they did decide to take the strangely carved statue with them. When they got back home and parted ways the next day—one of them men (who kept the statue) said there is something rather odd about it.

The statue it seems is haunted. It keeps moving from different spots by itself and this seems to keep happening. The man was quite freaked out about this. Another odd thing is—there seems to be a distinctive smell in his house that wasn’t there before. He has had trouble sleeping, since this statue entered his life. Laying awake at night, he wondered what this thing was used for. Perhaps it was used as part of some ceremonial ritual.

After speaking with several paranormal experts, it was suggested that the men return the carved statue back to where they found it. It has brought both of them energy which they simply did not wish for. It was also suggested that both of them should apologize to whoever or whatever they took it from. They first opted to destroy the statue or throw it away somewhere. But this potentially could have made matters worse.

They elected to head back to the same spot where they found this cursed voodoo statue, however they decided to leave it in their car for a bit. It was decided to send this statue away to someone who might know what to do with it.

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The statue arrived into the hands of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult. This first of its kind traveling roadshow, consists of a traveling museum of weird and unusual cursed objects. Image result for running scared gifThis voodoo statue was given the name The Crone of the Catskills. The museum curators are Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. The donors wished to remain anonymous.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link: Muhammad Ali, Mohammed Ali, Muhammed Ali, Cassius Clay, Photo, Kid< Sportscaster Joe Walker.
Muhammad Ali and 6-year-old Patrick Powers.

As a child Muhammad Ali was refused an autograph from his boxing idol Sugar Ray Robinson. When Ali became a prized fighter he vowed to never deny an autograph request, which he honored through his entire career. He even had a special P.O. box for...Muhammad Ali signing autographs for Volendam girls
Great trash talking from Muhammad Ali.Muhammad Ali smiles ANIMATED GIF

“The Champ should be pretty like me!” #MuhammadAli
bw entertainment boxing ali muhammad ali

Anthony Antonellis muhammad ali thegreatest that's bad i done wrestled with an alligator
muhammad ali sports black and white boxing
The Beatles
 Muhammad Ali knocks out challenger Sonny Liston.
muslim mystuff islam conversion Muhammad Ali muhammadali
 Vietnam War 
Liberals Unite by  Brandon Weber

 Sagan Sense

Kids pranked by  Muhammad Ali 
 Phil Donahue Show

Ruth Buzzi angrily pointing at Muhammad Ali on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast (1976).
muhammad ali suicide victimWhen the police, a psychologist and a minister had given up on the suicidal man after talking to him for 2 hours,
 Muhammad Aliwho was nearby rushed to a nearby window and extended his help. After a tense 20 minutes had passed, the man wept and was taken to a psychiatric ward. The heavyweight champion even promised to visit the man the following week.

Two trips showed the difference between a clown like Dennis Rodman, and the great
 Muhammad Ali.

 Muhammad Ali flew to Baghdad to negotiate with Saddam Hussein for the release of 15 Americans.

  Prince Called Muhammad Ali His Hero.
 and we love you too.


People call coffee “the fuel of the modern man” as a joke, but it’s not really too far from the truth.

Take a look at any office during the morning hours and you’ll see the majority of people will be drinking coffee.

Jason English-After coffee beans are decaffeinated, coffee manufacturers sell the caffeine to soft drink makers and pharmaceutical companies.

Two cups of coffee a day were found to reduce the risk of alcohol-related cirrhosis by 43%.

Look what came in the email!

OH god!
What an adorable baby!
Anyway, wanted to tell you I found a place but I didn’t think it would be approved because of the due date of no later than> July 1st.
Dillman Place would have a 1-bedroom unit available around 7/15/16 which is $635/mo. plus utilities plus $200 deposit and it does have more sq. ft. than your current apartment at Bluffs.  This rent amount plus utilities is within the established rent price range and we can work with the 7/15/16 move-in date.  Please let me know if you liked this property and if you would like to relocate to it and I will provide Kathy with the landlord letter.
Thank you,
Pat O’Dowd
Property Manager
Knudson Management Co., Inc.

You bet I am so taking it!
Yup! Yup!

Balcony and 
Not pardoning my French!

It’s 2:20 am.